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Creating Solutions Inc

Creating Solutions was founded in 1997 and began providing clinical home based family support services to families identified as at risk by Child and Family Services. Programs grew under contract to include Parent Intervention program, Youth Intervention program, Protective Diversion program (Family Enhancement), and School Intervention program. Simultaneously Creating Solutions also grew its Community-Based Counseling program, which provided family, individual, and couple counseling to diverse populations in the Edmonton area. The formal contractual relationship with Child and Family Services came to a close in 2006. At that time Creating Solutions focused on the Community Based Counseling Program that has grown into the psychological services that Creating Solutions currently provides the Edmonton community. Today our services include psychological therapy, play therapy, psychological consultation, and psycho-legal work. (A more detailed list is available on the services page.)

The Creating Solutions team honors the trust bestowed to us by our clients and is committed to providing the best psychological services. This is realized through our practice of on-going professional development and our commitment to advancing mental health and wellness in Alberta. Creating
Solutions practitioners engage in regular peer supervision as a method to continuously enhance our clinical skills. We also strive to bridge the gap in an individual’s ability to access high quality psychological services by having qualified Psychologists registered with First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Victims of Crime Benefit Program, and BC Victim’s Services. Creating Solutions also provides subsidized psychotherapy to some clients through the utilization of a sliding fee scale. Many of our therapists also work in the general mental health community through volunteer hours with the PAA, NAACP, and various related committees.